Antique Lumber for Sale

  • June 29, 2022 12:59 PM
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    James Russell (Administrator)

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    Hello Wood Crafters,

       We are in process of clearing out our family estate. Part of the property was a lumber mill that my grandfather ran over 75 years ago.

    We still have some lumber and also the pulleys that ran the belt feed lumber mill.

     Is there a classified section in any of your papers or online that we could advertise. Or do you know of any one of interest?


    Misc. size metal pulleys from the mill -Round, 5 – 8 inches wide, 18” to 24” inch high.

    Lumber from a Silo Boards are thick and long.

    About 14- True 2’ thick  X 12”WIDE x 12 feet long pine -square edge-no markings on the wood or stamps.

    About 13 - 1”thick x 12” – 14” wide x 8 feet long boards

    48” round saw blade – antique.


    Items are located in Huntington Massachusetts.

       Thank You  Tracy Zitta