UPDATE - Very Quick turnaround - hand tools for sale, to benefit fellow woodworker

  • June 20, 2022 6:33 PM
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    UPDATE - Unfortunately, yesterday, the 22nd, was the last day that I could access the tools. However, there are lots and lots more than what I am showing here, power tools as well, and will be going to public auction at some point soon.

    As soon as I have the info on that, I will post the info to this forum as well.

    Thank you all for your interest in helping my friend Walter, it is much appreciated and a big help to the family for his care!

    Hi Everyone,

    I mentioned to the group at an online meeting a few months ago, and again last week at the year meeting at Jim’s house, that a friend of mine, Walter Stanul, an incredible woodworker and luthier, who has entered a long-term care facility, would be selling lots and lots of tools, and the money going to his care.

    Unfortunately, there will be an estate sale of most of it this week, and the family is in need to move it. There is simply too much to list as individual tools, so I am posting pictures of groups of tools here. 

    if you are interested in anything you see, please contact me right away, and I can give you more information. I am happy to forward the money for you, and pick it up, and we can arrange a time to meet so I can get it to you.

    There are a lot of hand planes here, a  lot of Stanley Bailey’s, and some homemade (Krenov style), and well as two beautiful Norris Planes. They are all in great shape! The Stanley 3 and 4’s would be around $40, and the 6 and 7’s around $50-60

    There are also some things like a Powermatic 14” band saw and a small Jointer/planer combo

    please take a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any interest!

    As I said, we need to move fast on these!


    Marc Holland - (917)992-3300 or Marc.holland@massart.edu

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