• 05/11/13; at Gallery 55, Annual members show-and-tell

    06/08/13; at the home of Jeff Clunie, Annual Meeting

    04/13/13; at the shop of Constance Charters; Basic Upholstery;

    03/16/13; at The Paint Project; Spray finishing Techniques for a small shop

    01/12/13; at Mark Del Guidice shop;

    12/08/12; at Peter Wilcox's shop; Windsor Chair Making Demo

    11/10/12; at Sargent Wood Products; CNC demonstration

    10/13/12; at Fritz Smith Shop; Presentation on Chair Building 101

    9/8/2012; at Wellesly Library; Presentation on the history of chair design.

    5/12/2012; Show and Tell at the home of Stephen Smith

    4/14/2012; At Safeway Stair.

    3/10/2012; History of American Furniture Design at Wellesley Library.

    2/11/2012; Finishing; Presentation by a Camger Coatings Systems emphasizing small shop applications.

    1/14/2012; Presentation by Chris Hall. Fritz Smith's Shop;

    12/10/2011; Toys and Gifts; Location Bill Karp's shop in Holliston

    11/12/2011; Will Neptune; Peter Wilcox's Shop; Carving techniques for furniture applications.

    9/10/2011; Primer on Drawers; Fritz Smith's Shop

    10/8/2011; Stringing and Inlay; Jack Murphy's Shop;

    6/11/2011; Annual Barbeque at Tom Fama's

    5/14/2011; Show and Tell at Bill Karp's shop.

    4/9/2011; Use of Hand Planes; at Peter Wilcox's shop.

    3/12/2011; Terry Moore presentation.

    2/12/2011; Measuring for Duplication and Fixing Mistakes at Phil Lowe's shop.

    1/8/2011; Veneering furniture components at Kevin Mack.

    12/11/2010; Tapered Laminations at Fritz Smith Shop.

    11/13/2010; Cabriole Legs, S Legs at Peter Wilcox's shop.

    10/9/2010; Exhibition and discussion of Guild Members projects at Jack Murphy's shop.

    9/11/2010; Kevin Mack made a presentation on Inlay Techniques at The Eliot School.

    6/12/2010; Annual BBQ at Tom Fama's home

    5/8/2010; Hand Tools at Peter Wilcox's Shop;

    4/10/2010; Veneering with Fritz Smith at Jack Murphy's shop;

    3/13/2010; Design Principles with John Fox at John'shop;

    2/13/2010; Advanced Setup of Woodworking Machines at Rikon

    12/12/2009; Furniture Photography

    10/10/2009; Wood Finishing at Chris Kovacs shop

    9/12/2009; Wood Turning at the Eliot School;

    5/9/2009; Sharpening; Peter Wilcox's Shop

    4/11/2009; John Magnan on carving.

    3/14/2009; Loren Manbeck; Topic various;

    2/14/2009; Will Hunt; Segmented bowl turning;

    1/10/2009; Will Neptune;Building Strategies;

    11/15/2008; Phil Lowe; Chair Making Joinery and Design Elements.

    10/11/2008; at Chris Kovacs; Safety, Modifications and Upgrades, Tool Setup."

    9/13/2008; at Jim Tartaglia; Backyard Logging.

    5/10/2008; at Chris Kovacs' shop; Veneering, vacuum bag pressing, and stringing."

    4/12/2008; at Jack Murphy's shop; Jack 's machinery, and glue discussion"

    3/8/2008; at Bob Judd's shop. Repairing wood surfaces.

    2/9/2008; Phil Lowe, Furniture Institute of Massachusetts, "

    1/12/2008; Old Schwamb Mill

    12/8/2007; Bent laminations At Peter Wilcox's shop.

    11/10/2007; Pat Everett on Framed Doors with muntins and mullions

    10/13/2007; Beth Ireland demonstrated artistic wood turning and band saw boxes.

    9/8/2007; At Joe Aiello's shop; On Customized woodworking machinery.

    5/12/2007; at Hawkes & Huberdeau Woodworking; Presentation and demonstration of CNC Woodworking.

    4/14/2007; At Chris Kovac's Shop; Chris Kovacs gave presentations on the 32 mm cabinet system, and on making raised-panel doors in a production environment."

    3/10/2007; At Chris Kovac's Shop; Fixtures and Methods by Wil Neptune

    2/10/2007; At Jack Murphy's; Shop layout, and a Marquetry Demonstration by Julie Godfrey"

    1/13/2007; At Pat Everett's shop; Discussions and demonstrations of pattern routing and edge banding

    12/9/2006; A new box-making techniques at Phyllis Jaffee's shop plus a technique for image transfer to wood.

    11/11/2006; Maggie Wood workshop on frame making for pictures and mirrors, and glass and mirror cutting."

    10/14/2006; Rhode Island tours; a guided walking tour of the historic Point district of Newport, followed by a guided tour of the Whitehorne House. Later a guided tour of the Rhode Island School of Design Museum."

    9/9/2006; Topic Furniture Repair; ; Bob Judd.

    5/13/2006; Photographing Woodworking Projects; Paul Ruggerio

    4/8/2006; Buying hardwood lumber; Downes and Reader

    3/11/2006; Sprayed and Polished Piano Finish; Pat Everett;

    2/11/2006; Powderhouse Shared Shop tour and equipment discussion

    1/14/2006; Sharpening Clinic; Peter Wilcox Shop

    12/10/2005; Wooden Boat; Dick Condon;

    11/12/2005; Deep Relief Carving; Astro Arts Woodworker's Co-op

    10/8/2005; Tool Making; Making a marking knife, at Steve Olesin's, plus Heat Treating presentation by Frank Woolley and Maloof visit presentation by Jim Renning "

    9/10/2005; Japanese Tools, Hiraide America "

    6/4/2005; Workshop, Plane making at Peter Wilcox"

    5/28/2005; Turning demonstrations with Devon Thibeault at his shop in Medford.

    4/6/2005; Tour Diamond Machining Technologies (DMT) facility.

    2/19/2005; Box making at Phyllis Jaffee

    1/22/2005; Workshop, Frame and panel construction techniques-using cope and stick bits"

    11/20/2004; Jig Show and Tell at Frank Woolley

    10/16/2004; Safety at Pat Everett's shop

    5/15/2004; Finishing; Paints, Glazes, & Faux Finishes with Cliff Clarke at his shop in South Boston."

    4/24/2004; The Planes of Pat with Pat Everett at his shop in Everett, MA. Pat showed various bench, molding, and specialty planes, with a little help m other people. A brief demonstration of how to tune a bench plane was given."

    4/17/2004; Workshop; Carving the Acanthus Leaf with Devon Thibeault at his shop in Medford, MA."

    4/1/2004; Workshop; Furniture Design & Wood Selection with John Fox.

    3/6/2004; Adapting Production Techniques for the one-man/woman shop.

    1/24/2004; at the shop of Steve Olesin in Acton, MA. The topics were the mortise and tenon joint as well as home-made marking gages. "

    1/10/2004; Workshop; Making a Krenov-style Hand Plane with Peter Wilcox.

    11/15/2003; All day workshop on Spray Finishing with Bob Judd in Dedham, MA. "

    11/7/2003; Fine Furnishing Providence Show

    10/18/2003; Resawing & Air Drying wood with Jim Cripanuk at his shop in Wilmington MA.

    6/14/2003; A demonstration of vacuum pressing by Ed Ferry

    5/31/2003; Tour of Holt and Bugbee Lumber Co.

    4/26/2003; Gluing a panel hosted by Chris Kovacs at his shop

    3/22/2003; Laminate bending hosted by Jim and Deb Butler.

    2/15/2003; Shell carving hosted by Devon Thibeault

    1/18/2003; At Bob Judd's shop in Dedham. Workshop session on finishing, including surface preparation, staining, and finishing."

    11/23/2002; At Chris Kovac's shop, Steve Olesin discussed marketing your products and services. Information on new DeWalt Routerpresented. Maggie enrolled members for shell "

    10/20/2002; Finishing, Bruce Hamilton's shop"

    10/5/2002; At Clarke and Associates; Officer Elections, Table Saw Alignment, Overhead Calculations"

    5/18/2002; Furniture by Dovetail

    4/13/2002; Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers

    3/23/2002; Joinery Shop, Charlestown, Adhesives "

    2/23/2002; Estimating, an open discussion. "

    1/12/2002; Sharpening Clinic (Maggie Woods), Fan Carving (Mike Wheeler) "

    11/17/2001; Adhesives, At Clark & Associates"

    9/29/2001; Jigs and Fixtures; At Paragon Woodworking

    5/26/2001; Japanese Woodworking Tools by John Fox

    4/21/2001; Deb & Jim Butler; Moldings

    3/10/2001; Michael Wheeler; Hands-on Shell Carving

    2/13/2001; Phil Lowe

    1/24/2001; Museum of Fine Arts

    1/20/2001; Camger Chemical Systems, Norfolk"

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