Mentor Program

Mentoring is something many of us have done for others over the years.  The Eastern Mass Guild of Woodworkers mentor program is designed to facilitate this process of members working with other members on projects of mutual interest.  

All mentors are ready to help other members on a wide variety of woodworking projects.  Feel free to contact any mentor directly to work out details of a project you are considering.  Projects can vary from something as extensive as designing and building a major piece to something as brief as some help with sharpening turning chisels.  The scope of any project is totally up to the mentor and student.

A few examples of construction projects are shown below.

A few members took part in this mentor project.  Here, a traditional Shaker stool made by Vincent Valvo appears not to be too complicated but includes some advanced woodworking skills, such as hand-cut dovetails (joining the tread to the rear legs), sliding dovetail, and through wedged tenons joining the tread to the front side.  The sliding dovetail is obscured but acts as the vertical support under the tread.  The sliding dovetail runs from the inside rear to the inside front.  This stool was made predominantly at Vincent's workshop but with meetings with other members at the mentor's workshop.

This was the first piece for a novice new member.  For a detailed story of the mentor project that produced the piece pictured at the left, read the article by the student here: "The Soul of a Cabinet".  Pictured here are Vincent Valvo (L) and his mentor Jim Tartaglia (R).

For another glimpse of a mentor project, one that produced the Portsmouth table pictured to the left, read the article here: "May the Mentoring Force Be With You".

If you have any questions about the mentor program or would like to become a mentor contact Jim Tartaglia at or 978-257-6505

For a list of current mentors, hover over your pointer icon over our Members tab on the Home page and select Mentors.

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