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Segmented TurningOutline and Related Links from Segmented Turning Presentation Dec. 2022 by Paul Schulz

Toy Making Project 2018 - Article by Vincent Valvo

Shaker Box Dec. 18, 2018 meeting - Article by Jim Tartaglia

J. Wilson Shaker Boxes - by John Wilson (c/o Jim Tartaglia)

The EMGW Auction Nets a Tidy Sum (Dec. 8, 2018) - Article by Vincent Valvo

Period Furniture - But What Period? Part 1 - Article by Jim Allen

Guild Member member and Treasurer Jim Allen has submitted a well researched, peer reviewed article on "Period" furniture.  The article spans generations of furniture from the 17th century Jacobean Period to the 20th century Mid-Century Modern discussing designers and clarifying the periods for specific characteristics and issues that morphed one period to another.  Special considerations are given to the woodworking reader when the article describes period-specific joinery and tools.  Moreover, Jim adds economical, historical and geographical influences that introduced or phased out various periods.

The article was originally printed in the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers' The Journal magazine as Parts 1 (link above) and 2 (link below) in the fall, 2017 and spring, 2018 issues, respectively.   

Period Furniture - But What Period? Part 2 - Article by Jim Allen

My Mentored Project - Mentoring Article by Vincent Valvo

May the Mentoring Force Be With You - Mentoring Article by Jeff Clunie

Hide Glue in the Modern Workshop.pdf - by Jim Russell

April 2015 Meeting on Period Bandings - Slides and handouts

May 2015 Meeting on Furniture Revival - Slides and Handouts

Angle Cuts by Bruce Wedlock

Chemical Stains by Bruce Wedlock

Federal Reeded Legs by Bruce Wedlock

Hollow Ground Geometry by Bruce Wedlock

Laminated Furniture Components by Fritz Smith

Lock Miter Bit Setup by Bruce Wedlock

Magnetic Fence by Bruce Wedlock

Developing a Quarter Round by Bruce Wedlock

Grinder Tool Rest Jig by Bruce Wedlock

Making Sawtooth Banding by Don Michael and Jim Russell

Shop Wiring by Bruce Wedlock

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