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Upcoming Guild Events

October 05, 2016 7:00 PM (EDT) • Woodcraft Woburn
October 08, 2016 9:00 AM (EDT) • Lincoln-Sudbury HS 390 Lincoln Rd, Sudbury
October 17, 2016 7:00 PM (EDT) • Home of Carl Evans, 27 Thurston Street, Wrentham, MA
November 12, 2016 9:00 AM (EST) • Woodcraft of Woburn 185 New Boston St, Woburn
November 21, 2016 7:00 PM (EST) • Home of Donald Fye, 160 Pelham Island Road, Wayland, MA

Upcoming Non-Guild Events

No upcoming events

Message from the President

 Like many of you I struggle to keep up with the rapid changes in technology. Not that long ago the telephone was a relatively simple device. Now it does everything from giving directions to surfing the web, if you can figure out how to use it. So why are we devoting half of our October meeting to using the Guild web site? The web site is by far the best way to keep in touch with what is going on in the Guild and many of our members are not taking advantage of it. The web site reflects our image to the outside world and can be a great source of new members. All of this technology isn’t going away and we are going to have to learn to use it to our advantage. Members who are unfamiliar with the Guild web site or with computers in general should BRING YOUR LAPTOP COMPUTER if you have one to the October meeting. If not there are computers available at the meeting location you can use. Tech savvy members will have a chance to teach some computer basics to your fellow members. All will learn the importance of signing up for forums as a way of staying in touch with happenings in the Guild.

The second half of the meeting will be devoted to preparing stock for a woodworking project. The idea of preparing stock as the topic for a general meeting came about as a result of a recent FIG meeting. Here was a group of very experienced woodworkers talking about this fairly basic topic and coming up with a wide range of methods and opinions. I’ve milled a lot of lumber over the years but still came away from the meeting with some hints and ideas to try. I still remember as a novice woodworker being shocked to learn that the stuff I bought at the lumber yard, at great cost, was in no way ready to use in a project and required numerous steps to be prepared. Paul Shultz, the presenter, has taught many students to prepare rough lumber for a project. Anyone who attended the meeting he hosted on “The Future of Making” knows that he is a knowledgeable and interesting speaker.

Here we are deep into summer, but as we approach the end of July, I know you are all wondering “What does the coming year for the Guild involve”. Well, behind the scenes, folks have been hard at work putting together the events for the coming year. 

Mentoring in the EMGW

by Vincent Valvo

Mentoring in the Guild takes many forms. Everything from a brief conversation or email on a particular technique to a full-blown cooperative effort to build an entire piece. Most mentoring occurs informally among members however the Mentor program provides an easy way, especially for new members, to get involved in mentoring. Everyone listed on the Mentor Program page of this website has expressed a willingness to help other members in a variety of ways.

For a detailed story of the mentor project that produced the piece pictured below read the article here: Vincent Valvo's Mentor Story

Set Up Your Bandsaw

I thought I had a defective band saw (it couldn't possibly have been me) until I set up my saw EXACTLY the way Alex said. It is all in where the blade sits on the wheel.

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